The law firm of Battaglia, Lourenzon & Pedrosa specializes in the legal advice of companies in the preventive and litigation area, with special emphasis on conducting negotiations and corporate litigation, combining strategy with the commitment to the causes of our clients.
For this we have experienced professionals able to provide a high quality service to provide legal advice in the main areas of law in the judicial and extrajudicial.


The Battaglia, Lourenzon & Pedrosa office works in a responsible and ethical way with its clients, and expects its employees to follow the same conduct. It is necessary that all have respect for each other indifferent to the position. Other important values are socio-environmental responsibility, competence, commitment, innovation, creativity, constant evolution, teamwork and results.


To be a corporate reference as one of the most respected and valued corporate legal offices in the market, through gradual growth, without losing focus on quality of service and commitment to our customers.


Zelar pelos interesses dos nossos clientes através da excelência na prestação de serviços jurídicos, não somente na tentativa de satisfazê-los, mas também com a intenção de superar todas as expectativas e surpreende-los.

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